FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


- Where can I find information about a product? 

All information about a product can be found with the product itself on the website. If there is not the required information you are looking for, you can contact one of our employees by email (team@aquaparx.uk) or telephone.

- How can I see if a product in on stock? 

When you can find the product on the website, the product is on stock. When a product is (temporarely) not on stock then this is mentioned. 

- Are all products visible in the showroom?

Yes, all products are visible in our showroom. Alle producten zijn bij ons in de showroom te bekijken. However, it is possible that a product is temporarily not present in the showroom. If you want to be sure that the product is there, please contact our customer service.

- There is no manual for my product / I have lost the manual. How do I get a (new) manual?

Request this by sending an e-mail to team@aquaparx.uk.

- I bought a boat with a fixed floor. How do I lay this floor in my boat?

A fixed floor was temporarily available for our RIB230, RIB230 PRO and RIB330. The fixed floor for the RIB230 and RIB230 PRO consists of 2 parts and the floor for the RIB330 of 3 parts. At first you have to remove the standard slatted floor out of the boat. Then place the inflatable keel on the bottom, by inflating it it is fixed in the boat. You place the parts of the floor over the keel. Ensure that the boat is not fully inflated when placing, otherwise the parts do not fit in the boat. If you have a floor that consists of 2 parts, you put it in the boat as a kind of roof. Then press the parts down together. For a floor with 3 parts, first place the front part in front of the boat. Then you put the other 2 parts together as a roof and then push these parts down. Now the floor is in the boat you can fully blow up the boat.

- Are the outboard motors suitable for sea (salt water)? 

Yes, all our motors can be used in salt water. However, it is important to clean the motor really carefully with fresh water after using it in salt water. when salt water is left in the motor, it is possible that the motor will break down.

- Is there a time switch on the jacuzzi? 

No, there is no time switch on the jacuzzi. U have to turn on/off the heater, jets and filter manually.

- I bought a outboard on gas, which oil do I have to use to fill this motor? 

You can fill the motor with 10W30 or 10W40 oil.



- Do I get a confirmation of my order? 

Yes, after you placed the order you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation. Didn't get the e-mail? Check your 'spam'. If you didn't receive an e-mail at all please contact us.

- When will my product be delivered? 

If the product is on stock and we have received the payment, the product(s) will leave our warehouse the day after ordering. Most of the times the order will be delivered within a few days. You will receive a track and trace code when it's with our transporter. 

- What are the shipping costs? 

This depends on the product. When a product has a higher weight, the costs are a little higher. It also depends on where it has to go. You can see the shipping costs when ordering. A few products can only be delivered by freight (like the big boats as the RIB360 and bigger). To know the shipping costs you can request an offer.

- Can I change my order after I already placed the order? 

Yes, as long as the order has not been shipped yet. If you would like to change the order, please contact us. 

- Do I have to make an account to place my order?

No, you are not obligated to make an account. You can place an order without an account, but with an account you can see all the details about your order. 



- My product doesn't work / My product is broken, what can I do? 

When your product isn't working (anymore), fully or partially, you can look for a solution on our 'solution page'. There you can find solutions to the most common problems. If you can't find the right solution you have to fill in our 'warranty form' on the website. Without this form we can't process your complaint. Fill in this form as comprehensive as possible together with all your data, invoice and a picture if possible. After receiving this form, our support department will process your complaint and will contact you about the solution. 

- Do I have warranty on my product? 

For most products you will get 2 years warranty. There a few exceptions. In the product information on the website you can find how much warranty you get on this product. The warranty is valid from the purchase date. 

- How much warranty do I have left after an exchange/repaired product?

The warranty is valid from the first purchase. If you get a new/repaired product after a year, the warranty is valid for an other year (if you have a product that has a 2 year warranty).

- Can I cancel my order / Can I return my order?

You can cancel the order as long as it's not been send yet. If you have received the order and you want to return it, this is possible within 2 weeks after receiving the order. The product(s) has to be returned unused and in original packaging. Because of hygienic reasons, a jacuzzi can't be returned after the package has been openend. Return costs are for the customer. Always contact us first before returning your order.

- How long does it take to get my product back after I have send this for reparation? 

This depends on the product and the problem. After receiving the product in our warehouse we will register the product. Our mechanic will check/repair the products in order of entry. When it needs to be repaired it will take a little longer then when it can't be repaired and you will receive a new product. The process can vary from a week to 6 weeks tops. In the meantime you will be informed about the status. 

If you can't find the answer to your question, you can contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Mail: team@aquaparx.co.uk

Call us: +31(0)316 253 524